The timing for speaking task is 11-15 minutes and the task is divided into three sections.

Part One: This section begins with a general introduction where the examiner will introduce him/her and asked you to introduce yourself and confirm your identity. Then the examiner will ask you questions related to familiar topics such as home, family, work, hobbies, and studies

Part Two (Individual long turn):   In this section the you will be given a cue card with the list of (3-4) questions. You will be provided with pencil and paper to prepare your talk so that you can organize your thoughts before you speak. They will need to talk about 1-2 minutes on the topic given in the cue-card. After candidates complete their speaking, the examiner may ask you some questions related to the topic.

Part three (Two-way discussion): In this section the examiner will ask you several questions related to the topic of part 2. These questions will give you the opportunity to discuss a bit deeper or more broadly with the examiner.  


Skills assessed

Most part of the IELTS speaking is focused on the life skills. A huge range of speaking skills is assessed in the speaking test which includes:

  • Your ability to communicate with the day-to-day topic and share experiences of events and situations by answering a range of question. This type of talk often happens when you work or study in the English speaking countries.
  • Your ability to speak in a topic for long period using appropriate language and speak organizing your ideas coherently. This is kind of giving speech in a university communications course.
  • Your ability to communicate and give reasons for your opinions and to debate and speculate about the issues.


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