There are four sections in IELTS listening each section covers four different recording which will be played once only. Variety of voices and native speaker accents are used.

 The test contains 40 questions with the diverse question types such as multiple choice, matching, plan/map/ diagram labeling, form completion, note completion, table completion, flow-charts completion, summary completion, sentence completion, short-answer question. All 40 question needs to be completed along with the recording , additional 10 minutes will be given to the candidates to transfer their answers to an answer sheet. IELTS listening will be similar for Academic and General Training test.

Section 1: In this section the candidates will hear two people having conversation in an everyday social context. For instance: a telephone conversation between a woman who wants to attend the cookery class and an officer at tourist information center.

Section 2: This section is a monologue set in an everyday social context. For example: a chairman of highway committee speaking with the members of the public about development.

Section 3: This section is about the conversation between more than 2 people communicating in an educational or training context such as two biology students discussing an experiment they are going to do together.

Section 4: Like as section 2, this is monologue on an academic subject for example: a lecture on an environmental studies course about the recent research.


Skills accessed: A comprehensive skills are assessed in listening test which includes:

  • Your understanding of main ideas, specific factual information.
  • Your capacity to recognize opinions, attitudes, and purpose of a speaker.
  • Following the development of an argument.

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