A Life Without Questions

Remember when you were a kid and your favorite thing to ask was whyAs we get older, we stop asking that question. In return for our ignorance, we do things that make us less productive and waste energy.
This is a story about living a life without asking questions, called Great Grandma’s Ham
One day, mom was preparing a ham for dinner. Mom cut off the ends of the ham and little Suzie asked, “mom, why do you cut off the ends of the ham? “Well,” she answered. “This is how your grandma does it.”  Suzie wasn’t happy with that answer.
“But why don’t we eat the ends?” Suzie persisted. “We just don’t,” her mother returned. So Little Suzie went to her grandma and asked her why the ends are not eaten. She got the same answer: “Well, we just don’t.”
Just then, Great grandma walks in, and Suzie says “GG, what’s wrong with the ends of the ham? Why can’t we eat them?”
She looked down at Susie’s sweet little face, and said “Sweetheart, there is nothing wrong with the ends. I cut the ends off because I don’t have a pot big enough to cook the whole ham.”
Ask Questions
When we are young we ask questions. As we get older it seems people lose their patience and no longer want to answer questions so they are rude about it. The learned behavior is that we stop asking questions.