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Trainer James Institute

Started by a highly experienced EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and Aptitude Trainer based in the Kathmandu Valley, Trainer James Institute is the only authentic student support center in town as far as IELTS Preparation is concerned. The institute has its own worksheets, books and presentations, most of which cannot be found online or anywhere else. The sessions for students struggling to achieve a higher band score on the IELTS include a perfect blend of language pedagogy and storytelling skills that suit students who have been learning and/or using English in the feudal, archaic and conservative societies of Asia.


4 sections
(Monologues and Conversations)

No. of questions: 40
Duration: 30 minutes
Additional 10 minutes to transfer your answers into the answer sheet.

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3 sections
(3 passages)

No. of questions: 40
Duration: 60 minutes

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2 Tasks
(Report and Essay)

Duration: 60 minutes

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3 parts
(Intro, Topic Card and Discussion)

Duration: 11-14 minutes (will be recorded)

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Signpost Language in IELTS

How often do we see signs on a daily basis? Let’s consider signs on the way to work, near parking, or in a department store. Signs are very useful for us as they helps us from getting lost, prevent us from danger, or find the things quickly which we are looking for. Similarly, signpost language is a words or phrase that helps to articulate the structure of a piece of writing, speaking, or listening to ensure the readers don’t get lost. It also helps the listener or reader what has just happened and what is going to happen next.

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